Benoît Frisch

A Web and App Developer from Luxembourg.

Hi! I am Benoît Frisch, a Web and App Developer from Luxembourg and currently studying computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

I’m responsible for the IT at ACEL (Association des Cercles d’Étudiants Luxembourgeois).

If you have any questions please contact me.



First computer/programming experience

I started gaining experience with computers in a non-consumer way (maintenance of Mac OS computers and setup of Mac OS Server with mobile accounts) at the age of 11. I started learning basic HTML at the age of 12 and I was able to start first trials of iOS App development at the age of 13 because I wanted to have a faster way to look-up Latin Vocabulary.

First iPhone App

Although the first iOS App (Latin Voc) development wasn’t really successful at the beginning, I was able to publish a first App Ecole Mersch at the age of 15 after reading many books and following tutorials on the web. I developed this app at the same time as the LCD-App.

Apps available on the App Store and on Google Play

By the years passing I was able to gain important experience in both iOS and Android, but also Mac OS App development. I published 18 apps on the App Store, one App on the Mac App Store and 10 apps on Google Play. You can check out the portfolio to see them all.

Web Development beginning

I started learning PHP to build more complex websites than I was able to create only by using drag and drop in WordPress or only HTML/CSS, but also because I often needed a server part (API) for my Apps. A more detailed list of websites can be found in my portfolio.

Some popular projects
Gaffiot App

In 2014 I released an App which allowed to check out the scanned pages of the Latin French dictionary by Felix Gaffiot. In 2017 I updated the App to include the really digitalised version by Gérard Gréco and launched the website which allows to check the words online. This App has been downloaded over 35 000 times on the App Store.


I started the development of a PHP based system in 2014 allowing students calculating their average marks because I saw that many of my colleagues in school weren’t able to calculate their  average mark. I published this system under the name Calcave available on the App Store and it has already been used by around 4 000 students to calculate around 100 000 marks. I released a new App only version in 2017 to meet higher efficiency level.

At the age of 18 years I started the development of a platform displaying old exams and corrections in a very organised and simple way. This tool is available as a website, iOS and Android App. This platform has got more than around 1.5 milion screen views until the time of writing.


Wierderbuch is a Luxembourgish dictionary, which is directly available on your iOS device. This app contains translations form Luxembourgish to German, French, English and Portuguese. It also contains the translations in the other direction.

Open Source & Non-Profit work

I’m member of the comitee as IT Manager of the ACEL (Association des Cercles d’Étudiants Luxembourgeois) since end of 2018.

I also started publishing some projects on Github.

I founded a non profit organisation A.s.b.l. (President) to make available in a non profit way the sports system built for LCD Sport.

Many projects like coWeave, Calcave,,… have been developed without profit.

Press & Media

Photo on this page and contact page by Lex Kleren/Luxemburger Wort.

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