JE 2015 – App Development, Website development, Design

Sports and culture event including schools from 5 countries.

Development/Design of a special iPhone and Android App which allows the students to view all important data, such as News, Schedule, Results, Photos, Map and the information about their host family.

The data is also available without network connection, so the students from abroad don’t have to use a roaming data plan when they aren’t connected to the Wifi.

A special system to create, and customize the identification cards for these days has also been created. So it’s possible to adapt these cards to the country colours (Diekirch: red,…)


The official website for the Journées européennes in Diekirch (13th-15th March 2015).

Possibility to follow realtime updates from the different events. Final scores and Photos displayed on the website.

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JE 2015 App

The mobile application for the Journées européennes 13-15 March 2015 in Diekirch.

This app allows:
+ News
+ Schedule
+ Photos
+ Results
+ Host family contact infos
+ Map
+ Urgency phone numbers

iOS App
Android App




iOS App











Android App





Boarding Cards (id cards)

Development of a system allowing the organisation team to print automatically all ID Cards for the students.

The Name, ID, and adress of the host family have been added automatically to the card.

The system also automatically determined the age of the participants and indicated if they could drink alcool.